When discussing Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) with clients, I always make sure I point them in the direction of the Government’s website, which has a lot of clear, easy to understand information on what is involved in preparing LPAs.

Search ‘make an LPA’ on Google and it usually the first website listed.

See a recent review we received which confirms our approach, see: https://www.trustpilot.com/reviews/61f6edf9a16c1e751f7940da

The Government’s website has guides, it has example clauses, it talks through the various options step-by-step.

Further, is has an online tool that enables you to prepare your own LPA. Answer a series of questions, click print and then get it signed.

It is straight forward, but crucially, it is not easy.

It is not easy, because it takes quite a lot of effort. You have to spend the time understanding the online guidance. What applies to you and what doesn’t.

It is not easy, because you then have to spend time answering an online questionnaire to prepare your LPA and as everyone knows, this can be soul destroying.

It is also not easy because, even once you’ve read the guidance and drafted your own LPA, you then have the unenviable task of ensuring the document is signed correctly. Each party in the correct order and witnessed by the correct people.

The easy alternative? Ask the team at Humber Law to do the work for you.

A short, hassle-free initial meeting, by video call or in person, during which we take all of the information we need.

We then draft the documents, ensuring they fit you, we circulate them for signature ensuring they are signed correctly, and then we lodge them with the Court for registration.

Easy-peasy. Hassle-free. With upfront, low fixed fees.

For more information on our fees: https://humber.law/fees

For more information on asking Humber Law to help with your LPA: https://humber.law/services/powers-of-attorney

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