Helping you focus on the most important things in life.

Humber Law is a solicitors practice that specialises in Personal Law. We are regulated. We are insured. We are qualified.

Our headquarters is based in East Yorkshire, but we can operate nationally using technology.

What is Personal Law?

Personal Law deals with the questions that eat away at the back of your mind. Hugely important questions that you know you need to deal with but doing so never seems to get to the top of your to-do list.

Questions such as:

  • ‘What happens to my estate when I die?’
  • ‘How do I reduce my tax liability without giving away control?’
  • ‘What happens if I lose the ability to make decisions for myself?’
  • ‘How do I support my children whilst at the same time grow my business?’
  • ‘Will Care Fees reduce the value of my estate to zero?’

At Humber Law, we give you peace of mind by helping you answer those questions.

Why Choose Humber Law

We use clear, every-day language and communicate with you on your terms. Traditional methods – Email, letter and telephone. Modern methods – WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegraph/Signal.

No hidden surprises we believe in being fully transparent, agreeing all costs upfront.

We are flexible and nimble, working around you and your schedule because ultimately, we want your time with Humber Law to be hassle free. We fully embrace technology to enhance your experience and make your life easier. Not technology for the sake of technology.

The Humber Law Process

Clients can see the typical costs of all our services on our website. Whilst many firms tuck this information away, Humber Law has nothing to hide.

Client on-boarding
Whilst we are required to obtain up-to-date Identification Documents, we are very flexible in how this is done. Whether by sending us originals, photos sent by email and confirmed by video call, or WhatsApp. We go with whatever is easiest for you.

Information gathering
To be able to properly advise you, we often need quite a lot of information. Our fact-finding process is designed to work around you and can be completed by telephone, face to face, or by making use of the technology available to make the process as hassle free as possible.

We typically hold meetings by video call, whether that by using Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime. Whatever is easiest for you. Alternatively, we can meet in person.

Legal Work
We agree what we are going to do (the scope), how long it will take (the timescale) and what it will cost (the fee estimate) all in advance of starting the legal work. This certainty is aimed at giving you peace of mind.

Invoices can be paid by whatever method you choose, including online using Rapidpay. Copy documents are made available online through our file sharing software for easy access.

Humber Law Clients

Quarterly email newsletter
To keep you up-to-date with relevant news and law changes.

Client Portal
Access your copy documents online.

Access to a comprehensive network of professional advisers
Accountants, Financial Advisers, Insurance Brokers, Specialist Legal Advisers. We understand that just because we specialise in a niche area of law, our clients have a wide range of requirements and we therefore spend the time building long-standing relationships to support our clients where necessary.

ATT Qualified

SRA Regulated

“We understand that dealing with personal legal issues can be stressful enough which is why Humber Law puts your needs and circumstances first, to deliver hassle free services in plain language.”

David Stokes

Managing Director – Humber Law

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