Protecting your most important assets for your most important people.

Trusts are the foundation upon which wealth in the UK has been built and protected for generations.

At Humber Law, we specialise in helping you understand when Trusts might benefit you, what type of Trust will be most appropriate for you and what the implications will be for you should you create a Trust.

Helping you understand Trusts so that you can make an informed decision on whether they are right for you.

Drafting appropriate Trust Deeds.

Helping to implement a Trust so that it fits with your lifestyle and does not become a burden.

Helping Trustees comply with their duties and responsibilities, such as preparing Trust Accounts, Trust Tax Returns, organising Trustee Meetings, dealing with HMRC Compliance and managing Trust finances.

Preparing ancillary documents to ensure that Trustees correctly document key transactions, such as distributions from Trusts and appointing Trustees.

Benefits of using Humber Law

  • Cost Transparency
    Full costs information provided and agreed upfront.

  • Regulated
    Fully regulated and insured (We are closely monitored to ensure we comply with set standards and we have insurance in place to ensure that if something goes wrong, you are not out of pocket).

  • Client Portal
    Copy documents available online and ability to store key Trust documentation.

  • Secure Storage
    Provided at no extra cost.

  • Easy Share
    Ability to share copy documents with key parties such as beneficiaries and other professional advisers along with a Key Summary.

  • Experience
    We have over 10 years’ experience of administering Trusts and helping ensure Trusts compliment a client’s lifestyle.

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