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Preparing a Will can appear deceptively easy, but when you start to think about the different things that could happen when you die, it quickly gets more complicated. At Humber Law, we try to make creating a Will as easy and straight forward for you as possible. Fees from £150.

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The most common form of Will, for example ‘Everything to each other and then to children’.

To protect the value of your business, passing on the value for the next generation with as little business interruption as possible.

Protecting your wealth for the next generation from the risks of divorce, bankruptcy and/or care fees.

24-hour turnaround. For example, where required due to critical illness or a perceived increased risk of death due to flying or Covid-19.

All aspects of Will making process carried out remotely, including witnessing signatures.

Wills for UK Residents that own assets abroad.

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Stages of making a Will
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Benefits of using Humber Law

  • Cost Transparency
    Full costs information provided and agreed upfront.

  • Regulated
    Fully regulated and insured (We are closely monitored to ensure we comply with set standards and we have insurance in place to ensure that if something goes wrong, you are not out of pocket).

  • Client Portal
    Online access to scanned copies of your documents.

  • Secure Storage
    Provided at no extra cost.

  • Easy Share
    Ability to share copy documents with key parties such as your executors and other professional advisers along with a Key Summary.

  • Experience
    We have over 10 years’ experience of preparing Wills for clients and seeing the problems poorly drafted Wills can cause.

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